Thursday, September 8, 2011

Plaster on a smiley face and all will be ok.

Woke up to Steven giggling away, which is always a good start.

The housework can wait, it will still be there later (probably to my long-sufferings husbands annoyance hehe).

Today we went to Positive beginnings play session. I hate the name of the group, to me it implies that if you dont go then you wont be giving them a positive beginning, ack. But its good for messy play, painting, garden play and they grow veggies there as well. We came back with some runner beans for tea. Sophie painted four paintings, made some playdough (which i think some other child took home, but not to worry as we have loads here anyway which i made in the holidays), played with rice krispies, and REFUSED to sing. She had her grumpy face on and woe betide anyone who looked at her, they got the evil death stare from her. lol.

Steven slept through a lot of the session but woke towards the end to play with Felicity and Ethan.

So today seems better, not the best, but better. Which is a bonus.

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