Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping sane

Another week started.

Another week of stress.

And fun :)

First kicking off the fun was our grocery shopping being delivered this morning. The joys of having a large family is the shock on a delivery drivers face when he delivers to our house. The sheer amount of food is shocking to some, let alone when you factor in laundry detergents and the suchlike.

The driver must've thought we were ntters today with what he delivered. freezer stock, 2 carrier bags full of shower gels and shammpoos, 18 pints of milk, several loaves of bread, enough meat to have come from one pig etc etc.

But the freezer had been empty in the last few weeks, bar some ice poles for the children and emergency nuggets and chips (yuk). Its now full to bursting, and i had to put some in Ralphs freezer (the dog has its own freezer, yes).
The cupboards are now fully stocked inc pasta, rice and sophies staple of baked beans.

The fridge is also packed.

But the thing I'm stroggling to put away is the 10 boxes of laundry tablets. yes 10 boxes. why? because they were on offer, plus hubby has a 15% discoiunt this week instead of 10%. so we took full advantage of that.

So now, I have to find more room somehow in the kitchen this afternoon to get this all orgnaised.

Either that or get another washing machine and set up a laundrette in the kitchen....


  1. I love that your dog has his own freezer! I'm obsessed with buying in bulk and there's only two of us so far...can't imagine what I'd be like in your position - suppose none of it hangs around for long!

  2. 10 boxes of washing tablets?

    I AM SWOONING in envy!

    Haha! at the drivers face!