Saturday, March 27, 2010

My baby is all grown up

N is 10.

She has been out shopping today with her Grandma to choose her own clothes (nothing pink).

She has a mobile phone.

And she is leaving Brownies. To join Guides!

How can she be 10years old? Its not possible. Seems like just yesterday, she was a tiny wee thing, who woud let me cuddle her all day. Now I cant even kiss her goodbye at school, as 'muuuum, thats is sooo not cool'

Friday, March 5, 2010

End of the week

Its Friday. I am just getting ready for bed. And hopefully the children will stay asleep as i creep across our creaky landing.

Its been a mad week, and I am shattered.

S2 has been ill, and has stained some clothes bright yellow from the anti-biotics. I am hoping she gets a lot better ove rthe next few days, as she has a food challenge next week at the hospital.

Its N 10th borthday on Monday. She is hoping I will allow her to buy a mobile phone with her birthday money. I am unsure.

L is banned from the 'net, wii and nintendo this week, due to not doing her homework last week, so I am expecting lots of strops from her.

S1 will just demand food all weekend.

Sometimes weekdays are a lot easier :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nitty Natterings

Whilst de-nitting the girls this evening, I was chatting to S1 about nits. She wanted to know why headlice liked to live in hair. Hubby said' Its because you have what they need to live'

S1 said 'Whats that?'

I jokingly said 'to suck your brains'

A few moments passed, and then S1 said

'Do they not like boys then, as girls have brains? Daddy never gets nits'

Make of that, what you will...


I am a mum to 4 lovely girls.

They are in age order :
N 10year old next week
L 7years old
S1 5years old
S2 15months old

I have a husband, but he generally takes care of himself, so probably won't write about him much.

We also have a rabbit, called Flopsy, who is also female.

No wonder hubby feels outnumbered...