Friday, March 5, 2010

End of the week

Its Friday. I am just getting ready for bed. And hopefully the children will stay asleep as i creep across our creaky landing.

Its been a mad week, and I am shattered.

S2 has been ill, and has stained some clothes bright yellow from the anti-biotics. I am hoping she gets a lot better ove rthe next few days, as she has a food challenge next week at the hospital.

Its N 10th borthday on Monday. She is hoping I will allow her to buy a mobile phone with her birthday money. I am unsure.

L is banned from the 'net, wii and nintendo this week, due to not doing her homework last week, so I am expecting lots of strops from her.

S1 will just demand food all weekend.

Sometimes weekdays are a lot easier :)

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