Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clothing a large family.

As I now have 6 children, I am always on the lookout for bargain clothing. I am very fussy with how I dress the children, and am not fond of anything too frilly, slogans etc. I also like to pass down clothing where possible. Some items are n their 3rd or fourth child. Older Next clothing seems to wear well, as does Boden. I often trawl charity shops to find little gems of Boden or retro kids clothing. However the majority of the children's clothing comes from a supermarket. Sainsburys, to be exact. I discovered their clothing range a few years when a new store opened locally. Some of the girls clothing is not my thing, same for boys, but I now I can generally get a whole seasons of clothes there to suit. It washes well, retains shape and fits well. No butts hanging out of jeans like one cheap brand. Nothing too low cut or cut too wide at the edges. And they regurly run 25% off their clothing, which makes reasonable priced clothing an utter bargain. Marks and spencer is also a good place to hide out in the sales. Especially their children shoes if the fit is right for your child. Daughter #4 had 4 pairs of good shoes from there from the sales for the grand price of £16. Their school shoes also survived a whole school year with the shoe wreaker daughter #2. This is the children who destroyed a pair of kickers in weeks. Having a large family may be hard on the purse at times, but with some careful shopping, clothing them isn't a hardship. The hard times comes when they all need shoes at the same time. If your child width fitting generally stays the same then you can buy ahead in sales, though the sales advisor will advise otherwise. www.pinching-pennies.com