Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well I have totally abondaned this blog

Whoops. I woke up this morning in a blogging mood and thought i would resurrect this blog. I didnt realise I hadnt updated for 15months.

So am blowing away the cobwebs and starting over.

I am now mum to FIVE (yes five!!) children, my 4 girls mentioned before and now a gorgeous baby boy called Steven who arrived in early Janurary.He is such a delight and so smiley ALL the time. In fact at mums and tots group once, he actually cried as he was teething and everyone looked shocked.

Nicole is now 11, and is off to secondry school is September.
Lauren is almost 9, going into year 4, and being assessed for Autism. She is fine, just a very quirky girl who cant always make sense of the world aroiund her. She is a loving girl though and we all adore her quirks.
Serena is 6, into gymnastics, food, cars, spiderman, pirates. And is a true Diva. You know when she is in the house. She is either warbling away upstairs or swinging off the bannisters. I am fully expecting a sliding down the bannisters incident at some point from her.
Sophie is 2. She is hopefully outgrowing her anaphylatic allergies and so far we havent had to give her an epipen in the 2 years we've been carrying one around.

Me, well i am now 31 (shush i still want to be 25 really), and yesterday went for my first Job interview in years, and got offered the job there and then on the spot. Whoo hooo I still have the gift of the gab, and also have the experience of trying most baby items out there on the market ove rht eyears which is ideal for working in a baby goods shop :)

Its another sunny day, the big three are off to gymnastics for the day leaving me with 2 little ones and a dog to entertain. Going to get my caffine fix, and then decide what to do.

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