Friday, August 5, 2011

A few thoughts.

People always look amazed when I tell them I have 5 children. Then when they find out I have 4 girls, and just 1 baby boy i can almost place bets on the responses.

'Oh you got your boy at last' oh yes cos i only had 5 chidlren so onew would have a penis :s

'You can stop now' oh thanks for telling me, i honestly didnt know that.

'i bet your husband was pleased' oh yes cos the girls are such a disappointment.

Maybe some people need to engage their brain before they speak.

I do like to shock people and tell them i'm planning on evening up the numbers soon. ;)


  1. That really amused me - my parents had 3 girls, then 3 boys and got similar comments - then they had another girl and got comments about how they spoilt the symmetry!!! :-)

  2. Ha. I love "I bet your husband was pleased".


    Is he the little Prince, your son? With all those girls fussing over him?

    The boys that I know who have sisters are all great guys, so used to the ways of women that they make fantastic husbands.